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Here at Doodle Style, we care for your pet as one of our own. We are committed to providing a high-quality grooming service in a clean, friendly, caring and professional environment. We only use the very best specially formulated shampoos and colognes explicitly designed for your dog's coat and skin type. We promise to treat your dog with the same love and compassion we show our dogs, helping them to feel safe and secure while being groomed.

In the salon, we can cater for all breeds and crossbreeds of dogs and the occasional cat. Every pet is unique so we have a wide range of safe vegan products designed to enhance your pets coat and skin leaving them squeaky clean, fresh and invigorated. You can be safe in the knowledge that we will always use cruelty-free, safe, gentle and quality made shampoos and conditioners on your pet.

We know that dogs are not just pets, they are family, and we will treat them as such when in our care. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and work hard to meet the needs of both you, your dog and your lifestyle. From traditional breed standard cuts to creative modern styling and just plain practical trims we can cater for it all and can find the style most suited to you and your pet.

At Doodle style, we understand the importance of knowledge. All our groomers are fully qualified in both Grooming and Animal First Aid and fully insured. We regularly attend seminars, competitions and CPD courses to ensure we are always providing you and your pet with only the best most up-to-date services.

Meet Our Groomers


Kirsty is our award winning head groomer at Doodle Style. She has her City & Guilds Level 3 Professional Diploma in Hand striping and Pet Grooming. Kirsty has been grooming for over 11 years and regularly competes throughout the year. She is currently working towards her Highers qualification with plans leading to her Masters. Kirsty Loves grooming all breeds of dogs but particularly specialises in Spaniels and Doodles

In her spare time Kirsty Loves to spend time with her own two rescue dogs Nitro and Aida. She is often found working on a new heel work to music routine, entering Toss and Fetch competitions and working on Freestyle disc dog routines.

At home Kirsty also shares her home with two cats two rabbits a Degu and some Fish making her an all round animal lover. You know that your pet will be in safe loving and professional hands when left in her care.

Our Services

We offer a vast range of services to pamper your pooch or kittie, give your special fur baby a taste of the spa treatment.
We also provide bespoke reactive Dog services, Wedding Grooming, Puppy University and Grooming Rehabilitation

Full Grooming

Prices start from £35 depending on your pets coat type, condition and size.

Ideal for young and adult dogs. Including a bath and hand blow dry, full body styling, stripping, tidying, or de-shedding. Ears cleaned and any excess hair removed, Sanitary trim, and Claws cut.

Nail Trim

From £5 per pet

This is ideal for dogs who don’t need regular grooming or any other pet whose claws get a bit too long. Pop in anytime we’re open to get those scratchy nails trimmed down.

Facial Scrub

£8 per pet

An invigorating add on treatment to our full groom, puppy groom or bath and brush services. Our facial scrub is a tearless formula completely soap-free, 100% organic and vegan friendly. It is antibacterial and will safely and gently cleanse and remove any facial dirt and build-up leaving your dogs face fresh, clean and germ-free – perfect for after groom kisses.

Puppy Grooming

Prices start from £25 depending or your pups age, size and coat type

Ideal for puppies who have completed Puppy University but are not yet ready for a full body cut and style. Including a bath and hand blow dry, Ear clean, Nail and Sanitary trim, Face and foot tidy

Face Trim

From £5 per pet.

Idea for dogs with hairy faces. We all know that fur around the eyes grows twice as fast as the rest of the body. Feel free to pop in anytime we are open to get the eyes and fringe trimmed up making your groom last another few weeks

Nagayu CO2 Skin Therapy

£6 per tablet used

A skin healing add on treatment to our full groom, puppy groom or bath and brush services.
Nagayu is a revolutionary Spa treatment for Dogs. It turns their regular bath and shampoo into a carbonated CO2 Skin Treatment. This treatment has AMAZING skin healing properties and can make a massive difference to your dog's coat and skin. Nagayu can help heal hotspots, reduce dandruff, help clear up yeast infections, soothes flea and tick bites, reduces skin odour, calms itchy irritated skin and helps promote overall skin and coat health.

Bath and Brush

Prices start from £25 depending on your dogs' coat type, condition and size.

This package is great for the mucky pup who likes to get stinky and smelly or whose face grows faster than their body and needs a quick freshen up in-between their full groom. This service is a bath and blow dry, with a face and foot trim if needed. It’s not suitable if your dog has any knots or matts as this will require a Full Groom

Paw Massage

£15 per pet

This is for those dogs who get shaggy hairy feet or suffer with sore, broken pads. We offer a revitalizing foot treatment with and organic plant based medical scrub. Each foot will have any excess hair trimmed up and tidied, Nails trimmed and shaped and a soothing, healing balm gently massaged into each foot and pad.

Bespoke Services

We offer a range of bespoke services catering to the exact needs of your special fur babies

Puppy University

Ideal for puppies who have just completed their vaccination course and not yet experienced groomers. This is a five-week course designed especially to introduce your puppy slowly safely and naturally into the grooming environment.

To complete Puppy University your pup will come for a visit and a play once a week for 5 consecutive weeks. Each week will teach your puppy something new about the grooming environment, from standing on a table and being handled to the nose and feel of the salon equipment. On their fifth and final week, they will get a full puppy groom which includes a bath and blow-dry, face foot and bum trim and claws cut, the 4 weeks previous to this will ensure that the whole groom will go smoothly and that your puppy will be relaxed and confident going in for a full groom when you are ready to get their coat styled.

Prices start from £50 (for the full 5 weeks) depending on your puppy’s size and coat type

Wedding Packages

We offer various Wedding Day Packages for your big day. Dogs are part of your family so of course, you want them to share in the joy of your big day, but they also need someone to look after them to keep then hydrated take them to the toilet and make sure they look fabulous! You don’t need any added stress on your big day, so let us take care of it for you!

We will be there for you every step of the way. We will collect your pooch at the best time for you, give them the full spa treatment and groom so they smell and look perfect for your big day. We can add any accessories provided to their coats making sure they are picture-perfect. We can then bring them to your chosen venue and look after them in between walking down the aisle and photo shoots. We will then get them safely home or deliver them to their overnight carers for you while you get to enjoy the rest of your Wedding day.

Walks and toilet visits for a full daycare package can be tailored to your wedding needs. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements. Advanced booking is essential to ensure we have a clear schedule for you.
Prices Start from £250

Grooming Rehabilitation

We all want our pets to be happy. We hate to see them get stressed or upset and do everything we can to make the grooming process a safe and comfortable environment for your pet. However, sometimes things don’t always go to plan. Maybe your pet has suffered an injury or another traumatic life experience.

Maybe they struggle with general day to day life or are nervous or reactive. We offer a slow and gentle rehabilitation process into grooming. We will sit down with you and discuss your Dogs requirements and issues within the grooming process and tailor-make a plan for you both.

This could be as simple as popping in every day for a fuss and a treat, or sitting in the salon while other dogs are being groomed, or mini grooming sessions to remove matting to introduce new equipment. It could mean a quiet empty salon where you are guided through the process of grooming your own dog. No matter what you need, book a free consultation with us to discuss and create the perfect plan to help your dog be happy and comfortable while being groomed.

Prices are based on your dogs' needs and discussed in your initial free consultation

Reactive Dogs

Here at Doodle Style, we know what it’s like to live with a reactive dog. We understand where others don’t. We get it, we’ve been there. We don’t think your being OTT when you say there can be no other dogs around. We understand nervousness and fear reactions. We’ve been there and are still there!

We fully support the yellow dog scheme, and as we live with reactive dogs, we can fully ensure your Dog will get their needs met in our care. We won’t think twice about locking the door or turning the closed sign, unplugging the phone or buying squeezy cheese if it will help your pup feel more at ease.

We believe in positive reinforcement and follow CARE for reactive dogs because sometimes they need a bit of time to get used to it. We love working with you and your pup to help them to accept the grooming process. We can’t promise to make them love it, but we can guarantee that we will never push them past their tolerance threshold and with time they will come to be okay with the whole process.

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